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Data Center Design & Planning

CRSC is a leading provider of secure, efficient and reliably-designed data centers.

Want to save time and money? We can help.

  • We start at the beginning by figuring out exactly how much space you need, not just for today but tomorrow, next month and next year.
  • Next, the mechanical systems including cooling, electrical and power. We recommend what we think is best but not before walking you through all your options.
  • There are many other questions to answer, but one of the most important is load density—how much power you will need. An accurate calculation here means greater efficiency and lower costs once you’re up and running.
Data Center Design

From identifying the best location to locating the best personnel identification system, CRSC can work with you from day one for strategic planning and to conceptually design the right data center for your business needs.

  • Strategic Planning

  • Equipment Selection

  • Design & Engineering


  • Maintenance & Operational Directive


  • Monitoring


Professional Services

Partner with experienced consultants to help you achieve your strategic goals.

Data Centre Equipment

Robust, quality equipment solutions to meet your power, cooling and monitoring needs.

Data Centre Maintenance

Superior maintenance services performed by trained technicians.

Data Centre Solutions

More than 300 mission critical infrastructures designed and built across Canada.